Rental Application Guidelines

**Due to the high demand for our homes, there may be more than one application for the same home. We encourage you to complete your application promptly and send all additional documents to ( Applications are processed on a first completed basis. Completing an application does not guarantee approval.**

White Property Management is committed to providing an Equal Housing Opportunity for all applicants and fully complying with the Federal Fair Housing Act. White Property Management does not discriminate against any person because of Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Familial Status, Disability (see for more information). Before you apply, please take time to review the rental screening policy outlined below.


$59.00 per person 18 years of age or older (applicant or occupant). All persons 18 years of age or older, not dependents, are required to complete separate rental applications.


Application Fee is paid online as part of the application submission process. 

To Request an Application call (704-594-7779) or email us at ( Timing may vary depending on the promptness of responses from previous landlords and current employers. 

Security Deposit: Minimum of one months’ rent & must be made with guaranteed funds (Money Order or Cashier’s Check).

  • Payment of the Security Deposit and signing of the lease rental agreement are required within 72 hours of application approval for the home to be taken off the rental market.
  • Cancellation of the lease after lease signing and payment of the Security Deposit may result in forfeiture of some or all of deposits paid.


We take a holistic approach to managing properties rather than using hard fast rules and discounting people who would be great tenants. We require a background search, a copy of your driver’s license or government issued ID, and proof of income (at least 2 of your most recent pay stubs).

Income: We look for income to be three times the rent, but if there are additional sources of income, and we can verify it, we will use it.

Credit Report: A credit score below 560 will not be taken into consideration. If your score falls between 560 and 620, a co-signer will be necessary. Scores exceeding 620 are deemed acceptable. Approval is required for all applicants. Instances of eviction history or collections related to residential payments will not be approved. *For properties accommodating Section 8 tenants, we are open to considering lower credit scores.

Rental History: Rental history should reflect no outstanding debt to any landlord or management company. Acceptable Rental Payment History (no more than 3 late payments for any 12-month period in the last 3 years)

Criminal Report: A criminal background check is conducted on all applicants and occupant age 18 years or older.

Eviction Report: An eviction check is conducted on all applicants.

**An application may be denied for any reason, regardless of credit or income. After approving a tenant, you will have to send proof of utilities and renter’s insurance before occupancy.

CO-SIGNERS: Co-signers are accepted for applicants who have no previous rental history or who do not meet the required income criteria outlined above.

  • Co-signers are screened as an “applicant” and must meet all screening criteria.
  • Co-signers are required to sign the rental agreement.
  • Co-signers may be relatives or an employer.

In the event that an applicant has no/low credit, does not meet the income criteria, and/or where a co-signer cannot be obtained, White Property Management reserves the right to require a higher Security Deposit. In this case, the higher Security Deposit would not exceed an amount equal to two (2) times the monthly rental amount. Acceptance of higher Security Deposit would require individual owner approval.

PET POLICY: Acceptance of a pet requires individual property owner approval.

  • Pet Fee of $350.00 per pet (Non Refundable)
  • Recent Picture of the Pet.

PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE: Property damage liability insurance coverage, including a minimum of $300,000 of liability coverage for perils of fire, smoke, explosion, water discharge, and sewer backup is a requirement of the lease.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Phone 704-594-7779